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Our team of consumer debt consultants works individually with each client to help determine the program best suited for their particular situation and personal goals. We will set you up with an affordable monthly payment, which is determined on a client-by-client basis between you and a counselor. Based upon what you are able to pay each month into your settlement account, we can determine how many months you will be part of the program, and ultimately be debt free. Throughout the program, we communicate with your creditors on your behalf and soon you will no longer be dealing with burdensome phone calls and letters from your creditors. The Debt Settlement Company maintains and continues to develop relationships with creditors throughout the country. By establishing cooperative and professional relationships with each creditor we are able to reach the most favorable settlement offers for our clients. Debt settlement companies are independent companies not affiliated with your creditors which means we work directly and 100% for you!

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Our goal is to provide our clients with an affordable program to get back on their feet financially within 12 to 36 months and find a real solution for the strain and stress caused by debt. With honest and informative advice, outstanding customer service, and a proven debt settlement process we can ensure our clients become debt free quickly and comfortably and get back on the path of financial freedom.

Debt Settlement

Debt settlement or debt arbitration is a legal process used by both people in debt and their creditors to negotiate a settlement of an existing legal debt. This proactive approach is the most cost-effective option to pay off your current debt while avoiding the negative effects of bankruptcy. Any person owing credit card debt, or any other debt, has the legal right to contact and negotiate with the creditors. This practice however, takes time to master and certain skills to get the maximum benefits. The Debt Settlement Company works diligently and professionally with your creditors on your behalf to reduce your current unsecured debt balances down 40-60% by arbitrating an agreed settlement amount with your creditors.

Debt settlement is an appropriate option for people who may otherwise be considering bankruptcy due to some type of hardship. Creditors are usually willing to settle for less than the amount owed when a person is under financial strain because if the person is forced to declare bankruptcy, the creditors receive nothing. The Debt Settlement Company assists clients by establishing an affordable monthly savings goal to save money for the settlement of the debts. Ultimately as each account is settled, the creditors will consider the accounts paid with a zero balance. A debt settlement program will have a short-term adverse effect on your credit during the program which may affect your ability to apply for new credit while your accounts are being settled. Once debt has been paid off through a settlement program, a client is then free to rebuild a solid credit profile without the burden and stress of outstanding debt.


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